Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Different Kind of Baby

Our neighbors are not the very best pet owners, in my opinion. They have a sweet little cat, but they've never taken her in to be spayed, so she has many litters of kittens each year. Also, the cats are all "outside" cats. Lately, since it's been getting so cold outside, the most recent litter of kittens has been showing up on our front porch frequently. They meow and want to come into the kitchen to get warm. I mentioned it to the neighbor, but he doesn't really seem to care that they're cold. He lets them sleep in a small spot attached to the garage, but I'm betting it's COLD in there! For a couple of years, they had an "outside" dog, too. Thank goodness, they found her a better home recently so she could live inside.

Today, my son took them into the car with him and snuggled with them for about an hour so they could get warm. I really don't want to let them into the house with my four cats, because I know none of them has been given any shots.

After a while, it became apparent that they didn't want to go home, so Dan made them a little box with an old afghan so they could snuggle in there. After a while, the Mother Cat came and snuggled in the box with them. She's not much bigger than they are! They've been there for several hours now - all three of them.


Anonymous said...

Grrr that is frustrating but the babies are so cute and how lovely of your son to care for them! You're right to be cautious about letting them have contact with your cats. Cats that live outdoors are much more likely to have/transmit Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS. Wouldn't it be wonderful if mama cat could "disappear" for a couple of days and reappear spayed? Wink, wink. Some city shelters have low-cost or no-cost surgery. Is that a gorgeous hand-knit blanket those babies are cuddled up on???? :-)

Wool Winder said...

They look cute cuddled up on the afghan. I'm sure they will be fine.