Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kitten Update

Sigh. I'm just a terrible pushover when it comes to animals.

I made a poster with photos of the kittens on it and put it up at work, hoping that maybe someone would adopt them. One gal called and said she'd take one of them. She was really nervous about their condition, since they'd been outside cats all of their lives, and since she had two other cats at home. So, we met at the vet's office, and this nice gal laid out $150 to give *both* cats their first shots (since she can't make up her mind exactly which of two she wants!), and to have them treated for ear-mites, fleas and worms. She also had them both tested for Feline leukemia (they're negative!). Then she asked me to take them home for a week or so until she could get ready for one of them at her place.

So, here we are. I'm keeping them in a huge cage meant for a large dog, so they have room to move around a lot. One of my other cats let me know in no uncertain terms that she was not happy to have them around, so I'm keeping them shut up in one bedroom. And, after this gal takes her kitten home, we'll still have one more left. And then what?! Oy!

And in knitting - I'm making mittens out of necessity. Nothing creative or challenging here! I'm not kidding - I looked at our glove and mitten bag today to see how we stood this year. There are 21 assorted gloves and mittens in there, but absolutely NO pairs! Not one! Absolutely amazing! So I selected a simple pattern and I've made several pairs of this pattern in assorted colors.

Hang on to your mittens! There's a one-armed bandit out there! :-)

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Wool Winder said...

Do these kittens still belong to your neighbor or did you adopt them? Sure are cute!

As soon as you get rid of the single mittens, the missing ones will turn up.